• Friday evening 30€
  • 3 days total 125€ (*),  incl. 2 days accommodation at Oker 015, with breakfast and lunch and dinner at additional cost
  • 2 days total 120€ (*),  incl. 1 day sleeping place at Oker 015, with breakfast and against additional costs


Lunch and Dinner

Saturday or Sunday – single day costs 65€



Please transfer the required amount to account number: NL73INGB0009618584 in the name of. A.M. Barbosa Almeida (until May 10), stating: ALDACIA Name Which day(s) will be present: Friday 12, Saturday 13, Sunday 14 May 2023.


Please register via the link below!


To register After May 10, please contact payment and appropriate at the event.


Overnight stay

It is possible to spend the night at location Oker 015 in the Stalhotel Oker.


Please bring your own mat or inflatable mattress and sleeping bag/pillow. meals.


Saturday there is a vegetarian meal. Additional costs: 10 euros per person.