Our event

In the world we live in, we have already witnessed the advancements of women in various fields of society, but there is still much for us to strive for. Understanding that together we are stronger and can further advance in the pursuit of our spaces, AldaCIA was born, an event created by women, for women, and inspired by the feminine strength, aiming for our physical, emotional, and spiritual growth and empowerment.

With struggle and resilience in building this path of female growth and empowerment, in its 3rd edition, AldaCIA will take place on May 3rd, 4th, and 5th, 2024, once again amidst nature and in the embrace of Mother Earth, at Oker 015 forest in Delft, Netherlands, where our women will receive unique hospitality, healthy and natural food, and many experiences, classes, workshops, empowering lectures such as: capoeira circle, maculelê, samba de roda, meditation, circle dance, self-defense, samba de coco, and much more!

Join us and allow yourself to take this time for you!



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